Private Sessions

Top 5 Best Pilates Studios To Join In Houston, TX

Private Personal Training

Private sessions are the most effective way to learn, practice and perfect Pilates performance. The instructor devotes undivided attention to your specific needs and develops a customized program to produce optimum results. These sessions usually begin with a warm-up and progress to an understanding and competence in the fundamental Pilates principles through one-on-one focus and feedback, and then branch out from there.


  • Learn the basics of Pilates before attending a regular class
  • Learn specific poses, exercises, or techniques to meet your particular needs
  • Learn to practice more advanced poses safely
  • Learn breathing techniques to bring energy, calmness and balance to your practice
  • Improve your posture
  • Enhance your flexibility
  • Strengthen your muscular system including the abdominals and lower back

Private Stretch Therapy

To compliment our fitness classes and provide even greater flexibility, we offer stretch therapy based on the Stretch to Win™ system. The Stretch to Win™ system has been scientifically proven to enhance performance more effectively than tradition stretch techniques by working the body in a series of rotational spirals and diagonals, mirroring the way muscles naturally attach in the body.

All sessions are 30 minutes long with a one-on-one certified Flexibility Specialist.


  • Get maximum lengthening with traction
  • Target the entire joint
  • Stretch your fascia (connective tissue) not just your muscle
  • Helps improve endurance
  • Helps improve lower back pain


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